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Everton at Newcastle United: Player Ratings

Another defeat. There isn't much to be said for our lack of form, that hasn't already been said. I'll take a look at how we performed or under performed yesterday.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

I'm not one of these people that are overly positive and frankly i'm struggling right now. However the small silver lining I take from yesterday's game is that Martinez tried something different, he played Kone over Lukaku which gets my vote. He started us in a 4-4-2 formation, which worked for the first 25 minutes and got us a goal, but then he reverted back, 30 minutes into the game we were back in the same old formation and sure enough we didn't do anything after that goal. In fact we conceded 3 after reverting to a 4-2-3-1 formation.

That has to be saying something to Martinez, in fact not saying but urgently screaming something to him. "It isn't working".

So onto the ratings:

Joel Robles- 6- It'd be the easiest thing to do to blame our keeper for the goals, in my opinion Robles did ok yesterday. He got back to basic's and just did what he needed to. I might of liked to see him dive for their second goal, but I'll throw him a life line here and say as it came through a body or two and under Coleman, there is every chance he could have been wrong footed. Joel was Nothing to shout about but he did ok yesterday.

Seamus Coleman- 6.5- Just at the minute Coleman looks lost, he looks confused and caught up amongst bad form and recovery from an injury. Yesterday you could see he had been highlighted for not attacking the byline enough in a game but instead cutting inside, he attacked the fullback yesterday and got his reward through assisting Kone with a brilliant ball into the box. For me that was a simple goal, nothing complexed about it, none of this a thousand passes before we try and score, it was minimal and effortless and most of all it worked. A pass by Barry, slipped between centre back and left back, Coleman collects on the other side crosses it and someone taps it home. Basic. I do think Coleman's defensive positioning could do with a little work, but i'm hopeful that will come.

Antolin Alcaraz- 7- I thought Alcaraz had a fairly good game, he looked composed and at ease for someone that hasn't had a run of games for nearly a year. I think he had to do the work of two men however, as Distin alongside him looked shaky at very best. Most of the time Alcaraz was covering his partner and that led to his position being somewhat vacant, nothing as such of his doing. Personally on a form basis, I'd play Alcaraz with Stones, providing Stones is fit, against Hull City, both are good on the ball and not constantly caught out of position. Jagielka has a lot to do to get his pace back in my opinion.

Sylvain Distin- 5- I'm unsure where best to start with Distin. Woeful. Lack of judgement. Awful positioning. Slow off the mark. Turns like a triple decker bus. He just isn't with it at the moment Distin and its a shame because he has been great for us at times. To me he looks like a player rightfully on his decline at the age of 36... The oldest in the league. He probably shouldn't be relied upon as much as he is at that age. Saying that, that doesn't make up for his poor positioning time and time again. He stands and watches the ball played over his head and hopes the fullback or his centre back partner can cover him. The sooner Stones is available the better.

Luke Garbutt- 7- I've been calling for his first team opportunity since the Krasnodar game and I don't think he let us down at all yesterday, he defended well and helped us mover forward. Another who looked calm on the ball having not played that many games. Baines could do with taking note of a few things, none more so than Garbutt's dead ball kicking ability and crosses. I hope Luke starts the next game at left back as well, its time for  him to have a run of games.

Leighton Baines- 6- Baines has to be spared any blame for yesterday's result, played massively out of position in a desperate attempt by the manager to find something from somewhere. It was no surprise Baines was over run in central midfield and didn't have the opportunity to get forward due to the defending he had to partake in time and time again. I think Leighton could benefit with a break on the bench for a couple if games and let him refresh himself, he looks really tired at the moment.

Gareth Barry- 5- Not the player we had on loan last season, in fact far from it. Caught out of position all to often, he seems to have lost the ability to tackle and gives the ball away with poor passes. Will the real Gareth Barry please stand up? I think barry is another player that is over relied upon by Martinez and another who's age has to be taken i to consideration more. Have a look what Manchester united did with Ryan Giggs in his last 2 seasons. They played him 3 games on 1 game off and it was abided to no matter the opponent, I think thats something that would benefit us and help us get the best out of him for his time he has left.

James McCarthy- 6- McCarthy was used as a sacrificial lamb yesterday and I believe it shouldn't have been him being subbed for Barkley at half time, but instead it should have been barry. Rumours are gathering that McCarthy isn' happy with his current contract and could possibly looking for a move in January, so its so crucial we get it right with him, because his work rate is something we can't lose nor can we come close to replacing.

Aiden McGeady- 5- McGeady just isn't up to it and looks a long way off what we need. If he is Deulofeu's replacement then we have taken a fair few steps backwards in terms of overall ability. I think we may see McGeady leave in January and I wish him well because he is playing above his level at Everton and looks out of his comfort zone every time he plays. He gave the ball away far to many times yesterday, one of which nearly led to Newcastle scoring 4. I've seen him take players on for country and he attempts it for club but we're arguably against better opposition than what Ireland would come up against.

Samuel Eto'o- 5.5- His worst game to date in and Everton shirt, Eto'o has been around the wall and has been part of the best clubs, but I bet he has never found himself in a wide midfield position before. Playing a man of his ability on the left is just as bad as playing Barkley there or anyone else in our team that isn't a winger. Martinez is scratching around furiously for a make shift left winger and he won't find one because we don't have one, its as simple as that. A position we urgently need to add to in the transfer window.

Arouna Kone- 7.5- Brilliant performance for a player that hasn't been involved for some time, I'm made up for him. His efforts yesterday didn't go unnoticed to us fans that travelled to Newcastle and he was given a standing ovation by our fans when he was strangely substituted. Martinez said in his post match interview that we needed more penetration runs, yet he took Kone off who didn't stop making runs in behind the defence all game. Another player who has to get a run of starts.

Kevin Mirallas- Sub, 7- Made a huge difference pace wise when he came on and i'm perplexed as to how he didn't get a place in the starting team. If he had have been on the field when Kone was on, i'm certain we'd have got back into the game. Mirallas proved to Lukaku if you make runs in behind you will score goals as he did.

Romelu Lukaku- Sub- Its just as well Romelu was a sub because yet again I was disappointed at his lack of impact when he came on. Lukaku needed to come on and run his legs off, try everything and give everything to the game, but he just didn't. I'm becoming angry with him just mow because out club doesn't just spend £28mil on a player. He needs to give us effort and walking around and standing still isn't going to make any fan happy to have spent that kind of money, which now looks to be a ridiculous amount to pay for him.

Ross Barkley- Sub, 6.5- A good impact was what we what of Barkley and he gives us that, he just needs someone to do the same around him and combine the efforts.

I don't believe in sacking managers, but from a fan that has been to all but 2 games this season i'm coming to the end of my patience and i'm starting to become very concerned at the state of our club and team. Martinez has the next 3 games, to turn it around and i'd expect nothing less than 6 points out of 9. We have to beat Hull, who at the moment are the worst team in the league. Ok in our current form it will be hard to get anything from a firing side, but we must beat West Brom at home the weekend after. For me Roberto is sinking us and he thinks it will all be ok. But honestly, after Hull and the West Brom game I look at the fixtures and think where we will pick up a win from. Thats how concerned I am currently.