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Tim Howard to Alter New Book

Tim Howard has pulled all mention of Brad Friedel attempting to block his move to the Premier League from his new book The Keeper

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Tim Howard will be removing a passage from his new book The Kepper that stated Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Brad Friedel attempted to block his move to Manchester United in 2003.

The Everton goalkeeper believed that when gathering support for his move to England, Brad Friedel actively sought to prevent Howard's move overseas. But today Howard released a statement regarding his book via Twitter.

When Howard's book was first released, Friedel instantly denied his characterization in the book calling it "...complete garbage". Lawyer's with Manchester United reportedly told Howard that Friedel was actively looking to block Howard's move to England and refused to speak positively on his behalf.

Many believed that Howard was trying to drum up controversial statements for the release of his new book and this recent statement by Howard will do little to dispel those beliefs. He very quickly changed his tune on the matter and even went as far as to amend future copies of the book.

Howard went on to further admit,

Brad later explained that he had not in fact opposed my efforts to seek a work permit, either by writing to the Professional Footballers' Association or otherwise.

Now that this situation is over, Howard  can get back to helping Everton get back to winning games and trying to perform well in the Europa League. Given Everton's current standing in the Premier League table, his book or comments about Friedel should be the least of his worries.