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Everton vs Queens Park Rangers - Q&A with QPR Report

We had a chat with Mike over at QPR Report about, well, about the two teams and how they've fared so far this season. For anything QPR give the QPR Report's Twitter account a follow @QPRreport

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Everton are in desperate need of three points and who else better to play than a Queens Park Rangers side yet to even earn a point on the road. But, knowing Everton, if anyone is to let that record look unlikely to continue it's us! THank you to our friend Mike over at QPR Report, your definitive source for QPR info on the internet.

After the very close run promotion for yourselves, it'd be interesting to know what your expectations were ahead of this season back in the top flight. Also, how are your expectations matching up with reality.

I actually thought we'd do better than we are. Some strange transfer decisions in the summer (along with some good ones). A while ago, it looked like Harry Redknapp was on the verge of an axing. Last few weeks, he looks stronger.

A lot has been made in the press about QPR's possible financial situation if relegation were to happen again this season, the mass amount of debt it would bring. Do you feel the looking at how its gone so far this year Harry might be feeling some of that pressure?

No I don't think so. Redknapp won't be at QPR that much longer! I think that it's a question of how much the ownership will want to give Redknapp in January. It's the obvious gamble: Do we expand our debt in hopes of increasing our chance of staying up; and risking even more if we go down.

We haven't made the best start and seem to be staggering in form at the moment, on form we wouldn't want to play anyone else other than yourselves who have yet to pick up a point away from home! But, Everton have this tendency for making the supposed 'easy' extremely hard. A player I've admired when he played at Burnley, is Charlie Austin, he has a really good work ethic, do you think he can score the goals to help you survive?

Austin has clearly found he's good enough for this Division and if QPR do go down, I doubt he'll be coming with us! We are heavily reliant on Austin (who is suspended for the Everton game). We're just lucky that he hasn't had a major injury like he did last season.

As I touched on, Everton have yet to get going and form is hard to come by. From an outsiders point of view looking in, what do you think might be the problem? Because us fans are scratching around and can't get the answer just at the minute.

I haven’t followed Everton closely enough. But often one has a second season for a manager, who has a little relapse. Still it looks like Roberto Martinez will outlast Rodgers at your beloved neighbours!

Finally, best of luck for the season here's hoping another year for QPR in the Premiership next year! What do you think the final score will be come the end of the match Monday night?  I'm going for a hopeful 2-1 Everton win.

We've lost every single away game this season. We don't have Austin. But in the spirit of Christmas - and laws of probability, I'm going for QPR avoiding defeat for the first time on their travels. Maybe even a shock win!