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What has Ross Barkley done to upset Roy Hodgson?

England manager had a seemingly pointless rant at Everton man.

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Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Ross Barkley is widely perceived to be one of England's brightest young talents and destined to be a regular international for years to come.

The 20-year-old has made 10 appearances for the Three Lions so far, including coming on as a late substitute against Scotland at Celtic Park in midweek.

However, he seems to have done something to upset England manager Roy Hodgson.

By the time Barkley had made it onto the pitch (in a game that Stewart Downing STARTED by the way) England were 3-1 and easing to victory, but Hodgson still decided to scream at Barkley from the touchline anyway, even though he had barely touched the ball.

The Daily Telegraph reports that a number of England players were shocked at Hodgson's reaction towards a young, inexperienced player who had barely touched the ball.

It also raises questions about Hodgson's man-management and whether, as Everton fans, we want our young players joining up with the national team if that is how they are going to be treated.

I don't expect them to be molly-coddled, modern players are pampered enough and if they make a mistake they need to be told. No matter who young or old every player needs a rocket from their manager now and then.

But Hodgson's reaction seemed totally disproportionate, especially given some of the dire performances more experienced players have turned out over the past year.

Luckily there isn't an international break until the end of March so Barkley can continue his development back at Everton, where he seems to be appreciated a lot more than he does with the Three Lions.