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FM 2015 features, Falcao's celebrating parrot and more

In this edition of Dixie's Daily we look at features from the new Football Manager, listen to Falcao's parrot and watch Ronaldinho kick balls at people's heads.

Alex Livesey

It's Thursday, October 9th and this is your Dixie's Daily.

Football Stuff

Falcao's parrot Coco celebrates every time the Manchester United striker scores a goal.

Football Manager 2015 is coming in November, here are the new features in the latest edition of everyone's favorite soul-sucking management simulator.

The Columbus Crew of MLS have a new logo, and it's pretty good.

Random Stuff

Maple Leafs cat!

When a French bulldog meets a wild deer.
And Finally

Depsite seeming like a bad idea, I'd totally do it.