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It's been a tear-filled campaign for Changy the Elephant

According to two SB Nation Soccer writers, Changy has been having a tough season so far.

Paul Thomas

Poor Changy. It's been a rough season for football's greatest mascot. Changy loves Everton, he's a loyal blue through and through, so just like all of us, he lives and dies (figuratively) with the plight of his beloved club.

What most people may not know about Changy is that he is an emotional elephant. Each Everton goal fills him with the greatest joy, while every goals scored against the Toffees brings a tear to his eye. It had been our little secret, but no more.

"Changy the elephant weeps salt tears whenever Tim Howard concedes a goal ..." -Andi Thomas, The Busby Babe

Honestly Andi, don't you have something better to talk about about our mascot ... like covering Falcao's goal celebrating parrot?

Considering that Everton have conceded a fair number of goals this season -- 16 in league play alone -- poor Changy has been leaking worse than a rusted old pipe.

The Chlesea match was especially hard on Changy as those meanies from London put six past Howard and the Blues. SIX GOALS! Poor Changy used up an entire box of tissues just during that 90 minute span.

Some have even go so far as to give Changy a rather disparaging nickname.

"Changy the depressophant" -Graham MacAree, We Ain't Got No History

Seriously, that's just rude Graham. Just rude.

Hopefully things will improve as the season progresses for Changy, we hate to seem him shedding so many tears. John Stones' injury won't help things though, perhaps we should send him some tissues.

Perhaps a win over Chelsea in the return match next year would help cheer him up too.