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Dixie's Daily: FIFA Propaganda, boxing kangaroos and more

FIFA's new movie reviewed, MLS gets authentic, boxing kangaroos and more.

Matthias Hangst

It's Wednesday, October 8th and this is your Dixie's Daily.

Football Stuff

FIFA's propaganda film 'United Passions' gets reviewed by SBN's Andi Thomas. If you must watch this film, be sure to download via torrent.

The New York Times says David Villa and Frank Lampard will bring MLS "authenticity"Note: This is glorious click baiting from the Times since MLS fans are the most trollable fan base in sports by a mile.

The FBI investigated threats made against Malcolm Glazer when he was buying Manchester United.

Hugo Lloris really, really, really LOVES Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Random Stuff

Ron Swanson quotes as inspirational posters. YES.

Kangaroos boxing in the streets of Australia. Obviously they're imitating Tim Cahill's never-ending battle with corner flags.

And Finally

This will never stop being amazing.