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Rumors swirling that Sylvain Distin is not attending, or has been banned, from training

If the Internet is to be believed, the French defender has either not been showing up for training, or has been banned.

Paul Thomas

According to rumors swirling around the Internet on Tuesday, Everton defender Sylvain Distin isn't at training after either being banned by Roberto Martinez, or just not showing up up his own accord. Let's reiterate that this is just a rumor and we've not had seen any solid reports on the validity of the rumors.

Distin hasn't played since September 23 when Everton loss 3-0 to Swansea City in the League Cup and he hasn't been on the bench for any match since as well. There are claims on some sites that he's been absent from Finch Farm for over a week, while there's also rumors that Distin and Martinez had a disagreement, presumably about playing time and being dropped in favor of 20-year-old John Stones.

At this point I feel like this can't be the case since a prolonged absence like that would've been reported by someone who regularly covers the club. Then again, who knows.

Whatever the case, we're endeavoring to find out more but it seemed like something worth mentioning. With Stones set to see a specialist for his injured ankle, not having Distin around -- no matter who he's been playing this season -- could leave the Blues thin at the back.

I mean, does anyone want to see Antolín Alcaraz starting?