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Dixie's Daily: Allow me to introduce myself

Your daily dose of football -- and non-football -- related links, also parading as a daily open thread/catch-all.

Tony Marshall

Hello loyal readers and new friends, welcome to Dixie's Daily, our new column that should hopefully appear everyday during the week (Monday through Friday). The goal of this post is simple.

1. Provide links to stories from the world of football and beyond.

2. Provide links to things that are funny (hopefully).

3. Act as a daily open thread/catch-all for whatever people want to talk about.

4. Links will be "Safe for Work" unless otherwise clearly marked. I promise.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Football Stuff

Oh International Breaks. You evil creatures. Before we sink into a long, dark drought without club football, let us look back at the weekend that was.

Francesco Totti accused Juventus of cheating.

Roy Keane's never ending mid-life crisis.

Zlatan speaks, I listen. Hail Zlatan.

This is how you know there's an international break.

Random Stuff

There's a World Poutine Championship. Did you know there was a World Poutine Championship.

The Rock was on WWE RAW last night...wrestling anyone? Just testing the water here.

'Twin Peaks' is coming back! This may date me as a somewhat old.

And Finally...

Watch/Hear every single couch gag from The Simpsons the same time!