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Everton vs Swansea City: Blogger Q&A with SOS Fanzine

We have another great chat with our friend @StevenSOS1987

Martinez and Monk
Martinez and Monk
Paul Thomas

In this my last Q&A article for a while, I give you one last fan-to-fan chat with a staunch Swansea City fan and long-time friend of RBM, Swans blogger Steven.

RBM: After you overcame Everton's challenge in the Capital One Cup and unfortunately (important we highlight 'unfortunately' because I was gutted they beat you) were beaten this week by Liverpool, how are you feeling about your team at the moment?

SOS: I think we're doing reasonably well but as a football fan you're never completely satisfied. We should probably have more points; the home game with Newcastle is the game I'd look at the most, we completely dominated the game but let in a couple of soft goals and had to make do with a point. It was important we beat Leicester City last week as we face you, Arsenal and Manchester City in the next three games and none of us are expecting many points from these fixtures but you never know. In general though, we have more points at this stage that our previous Premier League seasons so we have to be happy with that.

RBM: Wilfried Bony is a player I personally think is up there with the best in the league. He has strength, pace and a thundering shot, what are you expecting from Bony this year in terms of goals?

SOS: Bony couldn't seem to score in the first few games but he has four in his last three starts which is ominous for the rest of the league. He hit 16 in the League last term so I'm expecting nearer 20 this time around. As long as he doesn't get injured then I'd say it's a very realistic target.

RBM: Now we're a few games into the season, how do you see Swansea finishing come the end of the year?

SOS: I think we're capable of top half but I think more than likely we'll be around the 12th mark which is where we ended last year. It could all depend on injuries and if Ivory Coast qualify for the African Nations as that will leave us without Bony for a few weeks. I'd be amazed if we went down though. We're more than good enough to avoid being anywhere near the bottom.

RBM: With the January transfer window a couple of months away, is there an particular area you as a fan would strengthen? And maybe any targets Garry Monk has in mind?

SOS: There's a couple of areas. One would be both full back positions as the back up isn't very good and Neil Taylor hasn't done as well as we would have hoped replacing Ben Davies. The other would be the central midfield. Leon Britton has been injured all season and if we have an additional injury.. Tom Carroll has played but I'm not sure he's really cut out for this level. I think if we'd known Britton would have been out for so long then Monk may well have signed someone else in the summer.

RBM: First goalscorer on Saturday? Who is it to be? I'll have a quid on your prediction no pressure!

SOS: Haha we're vulnerable at crosses so I'd go for Jagielka from a corner. No point going for the obvious names if there's only a quid on it!

RBM: Finally, enjoy the game, what is your prediction for the game?

SOS: Both managers like to attack so 0-0 is unlikely so ultimately I have to go for a 2-1 Everton win, hope I'm wrong!


Thank you to Steven for stopping by. If you have any questions for Steven leave a comment here and we'll have him come by again to answer them for you.