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Instant Reaction: Everton draw in Lille

A hard earner if uninspiring point for the Blues in the Europa League.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Not the most of inspiring performances from Everton tonight, but it looks like Martinez has a plan. If we win our home games now, we're through comfortably and a point away to Lille is not to be sniffed at. Here's my thoughts from the game, enjoy!
  • Less than 2 minutes gone and Distin is already on the floor and looking unsteady, that hardly fills me with confidence and Gareth Barry needs to do a lot better.
  • Corchia, their right-winger, is looking like he's going to prove all sorts of issues already. Hopefully Baines can get a grip of him as the game develops.
  • Twice now Samuel Eto'o has been on the ball and just been brilliant, his leadership and expertise will be much needed in this game and Lukaku should be taking note.
  • Oh Ross Barkley, you have been let off! That was inches away, please don't mess about outside the box like that again.
  • This referee is super whistle happy at the minute and Everton will have to be careful, I'm looking at you Besic! Update: he's awful. Some of the challenges that Lille have put in here and not gotten a booking for are ridiculous, that's two for Kjaer ffs.
  • A pretty uneventful first half then with Eto'o coming closest for us and that Gueye shot the only one to trouble either keeper. We've been solid enough but Origi is causing problems and we really need to offer more going forward if we want anything from the game.
  • Lucky again, did really well there Origi and nobody seemed keen to close him down. It's guaranteed that the Liverpool player will score against us isn't it?
  • Great build up play, well bought free-kick from Barkley. Come on now Baines, something wonderful please... Or not. Nice try from Eto'o but seems a bit of a waste, why didn't Baines curl that one?!
  • Lille man should be off here, just threw his head in at Pienaar and by the letter of the law he should get a red. What the hell! What did Pienaar do wrong there?! Poor refereeing that.
  • Lukaku makes an instant impact and McGeady is very unlucky. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT EVERTON!
  • HIBBERT SURELY.... No never mind.
  • OOOH! Unlucky Eto'o, great ball carrying from Besic there, been impressed with him tonight.
  • Ah well, hardly an inspiring performance but we were excellent defensively and a point is good away from home. Hopefully win our two home games before going to Germany and we're sorted.

Man of the Match - Phil Jagielka