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Police tear gas Everton fans in Lille

Reports and images from Lille are showing Everton fans have been tear gassed by Lille police

Jamie McDonald

Reports from Lille are showing that local police have tear gassed the collected fans in the city main square.

According to Greg O'Keefe and a number of other sources the police used tear gas to disperse a large crowd of Evertonians in the main square.

Riot police then moved in to the area to move the crowd along, with O'Keefe tweeting later that the police have fired rubber bullets at the Everton fans as well. According to him, one fan has been hit in the head although the extents of his injuries are as yet unknown.

This of course follows on from reports last night that fans were attacked in a bar in the city. Everton supporters had reportedly been told they could gather in The Australian Bar the night before the match. Fans were first attacked outside the bar before the attackers tried to get inside and the police arrived to control the crowds.

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UPDATE: More and more eyewitness reports coming in on Twitter indicate that a group of Lille fans rushed a group of Everton supporters at Grand Place in Lille. The Blues were signing peacefully when the home fans charged the group, let fly teargas cannisters, and then ran off and hid in shops nearby. The French police moved in immediately to quell them, letting loose with more teargas and rubber bullets.