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Slippery slopes, top ten RKO's, and Kanye West

In this edition of Dixie's Daily we've got serious football stuff, not serious football stuff ... and Kanye West.

Victor Decolongon

It's Tuesday, October 14th and this is your Dixie's Daily.

Football stuff

I'm not a fan of the term "slippery slope" but this certainly feels like one.

If FIFA wants to move the World Cup to winter in 2022, they're gonna have to pay up.

Luis Suárez still says he didn't racially abuse Patrice Evra.

This is a good reaction to a dumb question.

Random stuff

The ten greatest RKO's executed by Randy Orton ... in Vine form.


Sigh. I just wanted to have something in common with Kanye.

And finally...


@mrapinoe making fun of my instagram whilst wearing my clothes. #rude

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