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Everton's new striker Lacina Traoré is tall, but just how tall is he?

Lacina Traoré is a tall man but we decided to investigate to try and find out just how tall he really is.


The addition of  on loan from AS Monaco is a solid winter addition for Roberto Martinez and Everton, especially with the departure of Nikica Jelavić to Hull City. Hopefully the tall forward from the Ivory Coast can give the team a boost in their chase for a top four finish. Whatever happens though, we're looking forward to seeing him on the pitch for the Toffees.

Did we mention he's tall?

According to unconfirmed reports, Traoré tops the charts at somewhere near 6 feet, 8 inches tall. He could be shorter, he could be taller, but we here at Royal Blue Mersey have done some crack investigative reporting and assembled a list of things that Traoré is taller than.

We're confident this list is complete and accurate, but if we missed anything, we wholeheartedly apologize. So here goes, let's find out what Lacina Traoré is taller than!

Peter Crouch

A giraffe

Your house


A quite small oak tree

A quite big oak tree

Peter Crouch standing on tip-toe

Radio City Tower

Empire State Building

Leighton Baines

Mars (the Roman god of war, not the planet)

Mars (the planet)

There it is. Things our new striker is taller than. Feel free to offer suggestions as that what else you think Mr. Traoré is taller than. Don't bother debating the accuracy of our list though, we've done our research!


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