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Liverpool 4 - 0 Everton: Player Ratings

This is a match we would like to forget as soon as possible. But it's still constructive to see how individuals played during the match.

Just looking at this picture makes me want to punch myself in the face
Just looking at this picture makes me want to punch myself in the face
Laurence Griffiths

Tim Howard - 5

There wasn't much he could do for a couple of the goals, but coming out for the second Sturridge goal was a huge mistake. Being down two is surmountable, but giving up a quick succession goal pretty much doomed us.

Antolin Alcaraz - 5

Alcaraz was not good. Sadly he wasn't even close to being the worst of the back four. That tell you how bad the rest were.

Leighton Baines - 6

Baines was pretty much nonexistent. Maybe he wasn't able to attack as much because of our defensive woes and had to keep tracking back. Either way, not a great showing, but definitely the best player on defense this match (not saying much).

Phil Jagielka - 3

That was just a horror showing by Jags. I've never seen anyone play this badly since Heitinga kept making ridiculous mistakes. The problem was, this was a worse showing than that because he was beat in every aspect of his game. He got outmuscled, outpaced, and out skilled on multiple plays. He was the direct cause of two goals. It's a lot of responsibility to take on Sturridge and Suarez when you may not be fully fit, but it's no excuse for being that horrific.

John Stones - 4

Looked completely lost and kept blowing coverage against various players. He just seemed like he didn't know who to cover. I'm not extremely worried about his future because every young player has a bad game (If we remember Coleman had a couple) but he needs to get used to going up against pacey and strong forwards.

Gareth Barry - 4

Barry did close to as little as he could. His passes were all intercepted, he didn't disrupt Liverpool's midfield at all and his attack was pathetic. An all around shocking game for him. He looked bad against Stevenage as well. Maybe he needs some rest?

James McCarthy - 5

McCarthy was not as dreadful as most of the players we have mentioned so far, but he was pretty invisible.

Steven Pienaar - 4

Pienaar was very bad (I'm running out of synonyms of awful). He was getting dispossessed every time he had the ball which led to way too many counterattacks that our defense was not ready for. He was rightfully taken off at halftime.

Kevin Mirallas - 7

Seven may be too high of a rating for anyone on this embarrassing display but if anyone deserved it, it was Mirallas. He was the only person that actually was attacking and gave Everton any glimpse of attacking hope. He continued to show 100% effort throughout the whole match (even though he committed some rash tackles due to frustration).

Ross Barkley - 5

Ross Barley was obviously not fit enough to play this match. He showed some offensive prowess during which was good but could not do anything else (especially tracking back or creating for teammates). His deficiencies may not have been so glaringly seen if the others around him were playing respectably but since they weren't, Barkley looked even worse.

Romelu Lukaku - 5

There probably wasn't enough time to actually rate Lukaku before he got injured, but it did't seem like there was anything he could have done. There was just not nearly enough support from the midfield for him.


Steven Naismith (Lukaku 25') - 5

After having a great game against Stevenage, Naismith was put into a horrible situation. Even Gerd Muller playing for us wouldn't have scored.

Leon Osman (Pienaar 45') - 6

He looked infinitely better than Pienaar, which isn't saying much. After Osman came in, our attack was a little bit better but there just wasn't enough support from the other midfielders.

Aiden McGeady (Barkley 76') - 5

I don't remember him doing much after he came in, but again we can't really complain too much since the whole squad was playing the worst i've seen them in a while.

The fact of the matter is Martinez should get a lot of the fault. He started too many players that were not fully fit and it showed completely. Playing Barkley was not the worst decision, but combining that with an unfit Pienaar completely backfired (Even more so because fully fit players severely underachieved).

The back line was also a mess because of the Coleman injury. I still believe we should have played Hibbert at right back. I don't understand why we thought a centre back would be better at that job. It just made no sense. The back line was in complete disarray the whole match. It was completely pathetic and is unacceptable. Martinez should have known better.