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Lukaku Apologises

Romelu Lukaku, has today, apologised for his comments made about Nicholas Anelka's recent gesture. Anelka has been charge for a gesture which appeared to be anti-semitic.

Stu Forster

After much hype surrounding Nicholas Anelka's goal celebration, things appeared to finally be calming. However, after our recent game against Anelka's team, West Brom, Lukaku awoke the debate with comments that came across as supportive of Anelka's gesture.

However, Romelu Lukaku has today apologized to anyone whom may have seen his comments in a light of which he didn't intend. Lukaku stated that Anelka's gesture was "no big deal". He later admitted, " I was simply trying to defend a good friend and fellow footballer who I've looked up to since I was a child". Rom continued "I wasn't in any way, supporting Anti-Semitic behavior or action or anything like that, there has just been a miss understanding and I'd like to apologise to anyone who took my comment in the wrong way".

The 20 year old Belgian, is ambassador for 'Kick It Out', a campaign to rid English football of racism. The organization commented and said " Romelu has clearly stated he had no intention to support the gesture" the spokesman continued "the campaign will continue to work with Romelu... And guide him into community events and organizations who cover a wide range of sensitive issues and all levels of discrimination moving forward".

The current Chelsea loanee, who doesn't appear to be quite hitting the heights of his previous season at the Baggies, struggled against one of his former clubs on Monday night. He assured fans "I'm struggling at the moment, I feel slightly isolated but I will continue to work with my team mates and manager to fit things into place, as long as the team is performing and I'm part of that then I'm certainly happy".

Lukaku's next game will be away at Stevenage on Saturday in the FA cup. Follow our match thread on that game right here at Royal Blue Mersey or on Twitter @rbmersey.