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Everton v Norwich City: Player Ratings

A solid effort by the entire squad resulted in a comfortable 2-0 victory for the boys in blue.

Wait, Heitinga got on the pitch?
Wait, Heitinga got on the pitch?
Chris Brunskill

Tim Howard - 7

Howard wasn't called out to action much but when he was, he produced a few great saves. Keeping a clean sheet no matter how active you were, always deserves some praise.

Seamus Coleman - 7

I nicknamed him The Little Engine that Could. He seems to have a unlimited amount of energy. He was quite active and produced a couple of good chances as well as a few shots (which we have now become accustomed to) but probably not his strongest game. We may be underwhelmed by perfectly good performances now because he has dominated so many matches now.

John Stones - 7

The less i hear from centre backs, the better I feel their play is. Stones is still prone to the youthful mistake or two, but he has become quite solid. He seems to be on of England's centre backs of the future.

Phil Jagielka - 7

Ditto from the previous player. Solid game and clean sheet. Can't ask for more from your defense.

Leighton Baines - 8

This match to me seemed like a return to form from the Baines we knew of last season. So many dangerous crosses (who players either mishandled or they weren't there at all). Seemed completely dominant. By far, most of our attack came from the left side. That's all you need to know.

James McCarthy - 7

Another day at work from McCarthy. Nothing to complain.

Gareth Barry - 8

This is another player when I hear less of his name, I think he has done a hell of a job. McCarthy's job is to disrupt the opposition's offense and win possession (and sometimes attack). Barry's job is the same but even more important because he needs to keep possession. That goal was just spectacular.

Kevin Mirallas - 7

A much needed (and highly impressive) goal from Mirallas. He was pretty mediocre today other than the goal, though. His dip in form is a little concerning but the arrival of Aiden McGeady may push him to play better. Let's hope.

Leon Osman - 6

Steven Pienaar - 6

I was a little disappointed by our play in the final third. Yes, there was some good play between these two players, but it just seemed we didn't have enough legitimate chances in the final third. I think that blame has to go to your attacking players.

Romelu Lukaku - 7

Though he didn't have too many chances on goal (he really should have put that header on target at the beginning of the match), he was excellent in his hold up play. Too often Lukaku disappears if he doesn't get good enough service for him. Today was not one of those days. He seemed to torture the Norwich defense and kept winning possession of 50/50 balls. The weaker parts of his game are starting to improve and that should scare everyone.


John Heitinga - 6

Well, he finally got some playing time! But other than that nothing to praise old Heitinga about. But I did notice Norwich had more shots and chances once he came on the field...

Steven Naismith - 6

Same old Naismith. Doesn't really do it for me, but he is a decent sub to have and can produce the odd goal. He may be pushed even further down the bench with the addition of McGeady now.

Do you agree with our ratings? Have your say below and vote for your man of the match!