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The media seem more than happy to sell off Everton's players

It's not always a bad thing when the press talk up Everton and its players, but it crosses a line when numerous reporters and journalist feel the need to sell our players.

Paul Thomas

After reading a handful of newspapers (most research purposes only) this week, i've come to notice how pathetically the press and their friends attempt to make a sale out of every player in the Everton shirt. There is an argument to be made to ignore this trend, one which i've explored, but my overriding feeling is that I express my views on some shoddy journalism and comments made on the box.

We all know that the press make articles to cause a stir, but I just feel that they are no longer making a stir but becoming a joke in the stories they publish. For example The Daily Star (I was handed it on a train and felt it was a kind thing to do, so read it) published a story on the sale of Seamus Coleman to Manchester United.

In this piece they declared Everton have "requested" £25 million and going on to say even £18 could see us sell. I was in a laughing fit at this! Where on earth do they structure these stories? How are they allowed to waste paper and publish this in a national newspaper? Coleman is a great player for us and has become one of our better defenders, but £25m?

Thinking it was a one off and that no other paper would possibly pick up on such rubbish, I dismissed it and put it down to the fact the paper is one of the worst around. I was sadly wrong as this wasn't the only article and there was more laughable journalism to come.

The likes of The Telegraph, Daily Mail and even the journalists that talk their articles up on Sky's Sunday morning programme The Sunday Supplement continued their mass January sale of our team. One quoting Chelsea want Barkley and Man United were willing to out pay them to the total of £40m. One was quoted as titling "Double delight for Moyes" stating the ex-Everton manager will sign Barkley and Baines for a total of £55m either in this window or the next!

I sat reading not knowing whether to laugh, scream or burn the paper in front of a packed train to Lime street. The last of which wouldn't have ended well for me, but would have at least given the newspaper the respect it deserves. My future advise to Everton fans is not to read newspapers in a transfer window. They talk utter rubbish. Nothing involved in their stories have a single ounce of structure or even truth. We all know they lie, but they take it to another level when it comes to Everton.

The funny thing is not one reported on us signing Aiden McGeady until the day we released the news as a club. They can't predict the future.

Now, when it comes to national television, it becomes more understandable. The reason being that every single football talk show or highlights programme have a core of Kopites on their panel. "Match of the Day" has Lawrenson and Hansen. Sky Sports has Carragher, Redknapp and sometimes Hamann. BT Sport has Michael Owen and although it's hard to believe he's blue, even McManaman attempts to promote our fictitious "bargains". Their nonsense makes it hard to believe they could have such position within a countrywide show.

One day they may talk about the signings we will be making. But I highly doubt that. Good look to you journalists reading this, your going to need it. We are closed for out going business.