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09/09/2013 ToffeeLinks: The Ross Barkley Legend Grows

The Legend of Ross Barkley grows as more and more people are praising him and writing glowing reviews of his play.

Shaun Botterill

As Ross Barkley keeps getting better and better, the praise and adoration of our up and coming star is increasing at an alarming rate.

Why alarming? Well, this adds to the pressure and responsibility that are already on his shoulders as a central midfielder starter. But as he continues to thrive in that role as the pressure increases...

His legend continues to rise.

Ross Barkley the new England star can help fill the gap left by new Manchester United man Marouane Fellaini - Mirror Online

"The teenager made his international debut against Moldova on Friday night, and his emergence as the future of England's midfield is why Everton let big Belgian Fellaini go."

Jagielka: My Everton FC teammate Ross Barkley doesn't realise how good he is - Liverpool Echo
"Blues skipper delighted with progress of teen midfielder."

Everton FC skipper Phil Jagielka calls for transfers to end before season kicks-off - Liverpool Echo
"Blues captain wants to see business done in the close season."

-- Don't see an end to this anytime soon. As long as it keeps benefiting rich clubs, then they will keep allowing it.

Romelu Lukaku struggles to impress in Belgium by Wim Van Walle - ESPN FC
"Romelu Lukaku is finding it hard to persuade Belgium fans and pundits of his ability."

-- Pretty odd since we think of him being one of the most talented strikers in the Premier League. Kind of gives you a sense of how good Belgium's national team has become. It also shows us how a player can be extremely good in certain situations but still be undervalued or underperform in other situations. No player should be left for dead. Except maybe Joey Barton.

Fiorentina want either Tottenham's Kaboul or Everton's Heitinga | fanatix Sport News
"Premier League duo Tottenham Hotspur's Younes Kaboul and Johnny Heitinga of Everton have been pinpointed by Fiorentina as defensive acquisitions."

-- Only one site is reporting this and who knows how trustworthy the information is. But I found it and here it is.