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06/09/2013 ToffeeLinks: Getting Geared Up for Qualifiers

Everton news today restricted to chatter regarding the transfer deadline and future World Cup Qualifiers.

Oliver Hardt

A much calmer day today after all the news surrounding our "great transfer period". Well, I'm not as optimistic as everyone since our weak displays so far. And I'm not so sure about McCarthy yet either. But I won't trash the moves yet either. I'm more in the wait and see camp. Let's hope for the best.

I am, although, very pumped to see Mr. Lukaku score some goals.

Blues Set for World Cup Qualifiers

John Stones gets 90 minutes for England's U-21 while Deulofeu was an unused substitute for Spain's U-21. Eleven other first-team members could also be in action for their countries.

Everton Squad Stronger After Fellaini Sale

I would have to agree with this. Due to the style change employed by Martinez which does not play to Fellaini's strengths, I would have to say that losing him and picking up a couple new players makes our squad much, much stronger.

John Stones Being Started Up By Martinez

We may see much more of Mr. Stones soon. Martinez seems to like him very much and this may be bad news for Alcaraz and Duffy.