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Baines set for new deal – Martinez

Everton boss Roberto Martinez has confirmed that a number of first-team players, including Leighton Baines, will be offered new contracts.

Jan Kruger

Keeping the England left-back at the club was one of the great successes of this transfer window.

With Manchester United exercising some low-ball tactics in an attempt to lure Baines to Old Trafford, credit had to go to the board for standing firm in the face of bully boy tactics as well as the player for being professional throughout.

He never once broke his silence on the issue and continued to train and give his all for the cause, unlike a number of other fellow professionals this transfer window.

I have no doubt that part of him wanted to move to Manchester United, it is one of the world’s biggest clubs after all. But he remained refreshingly respectful to his current employers and their wishes to keep him.

He should be rewarded for that loyalty with a new contract and his example held up to other footballers who often try more unsavoury, underhand methods to either force through a move or earn a pay rise (Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney and Christian Benteke spring to mind, all with varying degrees of success this summer).

Baines, whose present deal runs until 2015, won’t be the only player to be offered fresh terms, though, judging by Martinez’s comments. With the puff and bluster of the transfer window out of the way the Spaniard says the squad will now be assessed and new contracts handed out if necessary.

"When the window is open I think it's the wrong time to speak about those things and so we hadn't discussed it.

"But now the window is closed, we are going to look into all the players in the squad and see where their contracts are up to.

"Then, individually, we will look to address that.

"It would just have created more instability if we had done that while the window was open."

What are your thoughts on a new deal for Baines? Is there anyone else in the squad who deserves a new contract? Have your say below.

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