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Toffeelinks: Everton Makes The Grade

Oh, Everton you never make it easy to love you -- maybe that's why we love you so much!

Silly season is over, so let's get on with it..but first some links to wrap it all up.

Everton's Transfer Deadline Day Transformed In 60 Minutes

It was a roller coaster for sure, but Everton did manage to come out better than okay on Deadline Day.

Everton Plan To Give Leighton Baines AT LEAST A 50% Pay Raise

Any objections? No, I didn't thinkso. Even more so, Baines didn't hand in a transfer request because he thought it would be a slap in the face to the club and its supporters. I love him more and more everyday.

Gareth Barry Moved To Everton In Search Of First Team Football

Now, lets hope he can find his old form. Not only is it in Everton's best interest, but also Barry's...

Barry Hopes Everton Loan Leads To England Recall

I love the added incentive that a World Cup roster spot gives a cagey veteran like Barry. His chemistry with Baines will be fun to keep tabs on for Three Lions supporters.

Romelu Lukaku Says Everton Was The Best Choice For Him

Got that right!

And finally..some non-transfer news...

Everton Reveal Fresh Looking 3rd Kit

I know the badge is kind of lame, but the kits this year have been spot on, this one included.