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Get To Know: James McCarthy

Everton made out really well right at the end of the transfer window - here we feature James McCarthy, who came in from Wigan Athletic.

McCarthy comes up against Goodison fan favourite Landon Donovan
McCarthy comes up against Goodison fan favourite Landon Donovan
Clive Mason

UPDATE: McCarthy will wear the #16 jersey at Everton

We've often spoken to Kieran, the editor over at the Wigan Athletic blog Pie Eaters Footie, for the Q&As ahead of games. Having watched James McCarthy over the years, he was the best person to give us the scoop on what to expect after he transferred over yesterday for £13 million.

Position: Midfielder

Age: 22

Birth Date: Nov 12, 1990

Birth Place: Scotland (Republic of Ireland international, 16 caps)

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 72 kg


RBM - Tell us about James McCarthy's style of play?

PEF - Dynamic box to box midfielder. Talented both on and off the ball.

On it James loves to drive forward forcing the defenders onto the back foot while he gets his head up and looks to spread the ball to other players or look for that cheap shot at goal and catch the keeper out.

Off the ball and James is probably chasing the ball down and working at a 110% to win it back and try and get possession back for his team. Nothing but commitment and desire from this player.

RBM - What are his strengths?

PEF - James has a great engine and manages to just keep going all game, and will win the ball for 90 minutes continually. A clever footballing bring as he knows when to close the player down best to win the ball via either an interception or a wonderful tackle. There can also be the odd spectacular goal when James gets forward and close enough to the goal to have a go.

RBM - How about his weaknesses?

PEF - Can sometimes be drawn out of position with his over exuberance to close players down and win the ball.

Also he is prone to the odd poor pass.

RBM - Any off-the-field issues we should know about?

PEF - No as shown by the transfer saga with him, a very humble and honest lad who just wants to play football at the highest level.

RBM - Your closing thoughts?

PEF - Wish we could have kept hold of him (Wigan). Yet we got a fair price for a player who has yet to really reach his full potential and I wish him all the best of luck in the future as he could go right to the top of the footballing pyramid.


Thanks again to Kieran, and we wish Wigan all the best as they attempt to come back to the Premier League. If you have any questions about McCarthy, or really any of the numerous Wigan players we now have, drop us a line in the comments and Kieran will be glad to help us out.

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