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20/09/2013 ToffeeLinks: Did Baines Want to Leave Everton?

Today's links includes a new story via Alan Stubbs that Baines wanted to leave Everton during the transfer window. Should we be worried?

Jan Kruger

Short Answer: Maybe.

But I think these news outlets are reading way too much into the quote and are making this a bigger deal than it is. Baines is a professional and maybe he wanted more money or Champions League enticed him but once it was over, I'm sure he's back to being completely committed and loyal to Everton.

Leighton Baines wanted to leave Everton for Manchester United but was refused a transfer, reveals Toffees' coach Alan Stubbs - The Independent
-- This seems ridiculous. Reading way too much into this. It's matter-of-factly said and we don't even know how exact it is. Regardless, it doesn't make me any more scared of losing Baines.

Everton's Roberto Martínez – 'big changes' needed to bring 'big results' |
"The Everton manager has said he is prepared to accept mistakes from his players as they adapt to his philosophy."

-- As usual Martinez's ideas and philosophies are exceptional. So far we have seen the growing pains but I love the direction we are heading in (Chelsea win!). Let's hope we keep getting better and better.

Everton FC captain Phil Jagielka is perfect man for the job, says Roberto Martinez - Liverpool Echo
"Manager delighted with influence of defender since he's taken over as new generation of players emerges."

-- It's always easier for a manager to settle in when you have such a talented group of players and leaders.

Is West Ham v Everton the most pointless game of the season? | Metro News
"When the new season’s fixtures are announced in the summer, there are always certain games you look for. Who’s first at home? What’s likely to be riding on the end of season run in? And – slightly less enthusiastically – when are we playing Everton? Answer: this Saturday."

-- Looks like West Ham fans are not looking forward to our match. We are their Bogey team.