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In a span of 30 minutes, Everton slammed the transfer window on their own fingers

Reports of a completely botched deal for Wigan's James McCarthy and Romelu Lukaku choosing West Brom over the Toffees have everyone shaking their heads yet again.

Paul Thomas

An hour ago things looked promising for Everton. Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku was on the verge of a possible loan move and the addition of James McCarthy seems likely once the Marouane Fellaini deal was done.

Now? Nothing.

Lukaku has chosen a second loan spell at West Brom and Dave Whelan went on talkSPORT and absolutely skewered Everton's bargaining practices. Apparently Everton tried to underbid for McCarthy and spread the payments over a four year span. Understandly, Whelan balked and quickly aired Everton's dirty laundry for everyone to hear.


There's also rumors that the Fellaini transfer to United is about to collapse as well leaving Everton with a likely unsettled and unhappy player who was already half-assing his way around the pitch at times this season.

At least they've managed to hold on Leighton Baines.

It's painful when the club you love and support is exposed as a complete joke in front of the entire world, but that's essentially what's happened.

Well done Bill Kenwright, you truly are the worst. You have a little over an hour to put out the dumpster fire you've created.

The clock is ticking.