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Fernando denies transfer on Instagram, Sky Sports doubles down

Fernando says he's not coming to Everton, he doesn't want to and the transfer fee was apparently never even close, but that's not stopping Sky Sports from running with the story.

Jamie McDonald

Just a quick update to let you know that once against it appears that we've been suckered by some combination of the media and nonsense on social media on transfer day.

FC Porto's Fernando, who'd been linked all days with a possible move to Everton as a replacement for Marouane Fellaini has taken to his Instagram account and tweeted a photo of him with Porto fans and the following message:

"All Portistas can count on me towards the tetra(fourth straight championship)".

So much for that then I guess.

Just another wonderful example of how ridiculous the transfer deadline day can be and how much bull**** gets stirred up. We have to post the rumors and reports here because it is news but it's a bit discouraging to work on trying to dig up information and only have it turn out to basically be nothing.

The possible deals for James McCarthy and Gareth Barry remain least until those two get on Instagram.


Same ****, different day it appears.

This is starting to get fun though as Sky Sports News continues to act like this is a real story and not a pile of manure. Classic stuff really.

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