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Everton Transfer Deadline Day: T-minus 6 hours updates

We've got some general updates on the various bits of transfer rumors connected with Everton as the window slowly closes.

Robert Cianflone

Greetings everyone! We've still got a little under six hours left in the transfer window and there are plenty of rumors still swirling around Everton.

Here are some quick updates:

As expected a move for Fernando is contingent upon Fellaini moving to Manchester United. If the Belgian sticks around, that move will not happen. It's also interesting to note that despite many reports of a possible loan deal for Gareth Barry being dead, the club may still be string to pull off that signing.

Just an interesting note on the possible signing of James McCarthy. It appears that his signing has nothing to do with Fellaini and Everton will try to get that deal done no matter what happens with the Belgian.

Are we having fun yet?

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