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Tim Howard confident of his place as Everton's top goalkeeper

In an interview with NBC Sports, Tim Howard discussed his starting spot with Everton, the possibility of returning to MLS and other topics.

Kevork Djansezian

Tim Howard spoke with the media during a conference call promoting NBC's coverage of the Premier League in the United States. The Everton goalkeeper had plenty to say about his place at Everton and his confidence about his starting spot being safe.

"I don't think that's ever been in question ... I have never asked for assurances (about my status),"

"I know where I stand. I think my performances over the last 450 games have merited my place where I am right now. Unless I have been asleep for a few months and forgotten something I think all is pretty well in my camp."

There's been some talk that Joel Robles -- who joined Everton from Atletico Madrid this summer -- could challenge the US international for the top spot in goal this season for the Toffees. Howard seemed unconcerned about that talk and is confident that he'll be the man between the sticks when Everton opens the season next weekend against Norwich.

Which is good, because he should be confident and I think he's still the best option at the moment. Going forward though, Everton fans should be thrilled with Robles arrival because it puts pressure on Howard. Something that's been noticeably absent the past few seasons with Jan Mucha just sort of hanging around.

Howard also discussed the possibility of leaving Everton and returning to MLS, following in the footsteps of US teammate Clint Dempsey.

"I've got three years left on my (Everton) contract -- that's what my future looks like -- that's what's very concrete for me," he said. "Obviously I'm American, so when my time in England, in Europe, is done I'm going to live in America. I'm going to be in America."

Howard is confident, Howard wants to stay, Howard will have Robles there to push him.

That should be a win/win for Everton since Howard is still a quality keeper -- thought not nearly as great as many would have you believe -- and has been a big part of the Toffee's success since he joined the club from Manchester United back in 2006.

You can read the entire transcript of Howard's interview here.

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