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Royal Blue Mersey New Writers

Mike Ehrmann

Our search for new writers has finally ended. First a big thank you to everyone who expressed some interest in writing for Royal Blue Mersey. We had over 20 people interested in joining up to write about Everton, but we only had so many places available.

And now onto the new writers, below is a short paragraph from each of them, and I'm excited to see their contributions in the coming months. I think these additions are going to give us an even more diverse group of Evertonians guaranteed to give you as many looks at our favorite club as you might want.


My name is Sean Ferguson and I have been an Evertonian for as long as I can remember, attending my first game when I was six months young. I guess like most football fans you support who your dad supports and that has been no different for myself although having a second name such as mine almost had me destined to support Everton. Currently a glass collector in the Black Horse and hopefully a sports journalist in the not so distant future.


My name is Michael, 23, from Rockville Centre, NY. I have been a Toffee my entire life, introduced to the good guys by a coach about 15 years ago who showed me the way. I immediately fell in love with Duncan Ferguson and believe that Big Dunc deserves a ton of credit molding me into the Blue I am today.

I have really only known the David Moyes era as an Evertonian so I am excited to begin a new era with Bobby and his pals.

Anything else you need from me, don't hesitate to ask.


Hi RBM! My name is Adam Braun, and I'm incredibly excited to be getting involved here. I'm currently a junior in college, living in New Jersey. I first really encountered soccer as a little kid watching the NY/NJ Metrostars, who had a young goalkeeper by the name of Tim Howard. I kept track of him when he came to England, and I started to familiarize myself with the Toffees shortly after Howard arrived with the squad. (I prefer to pretend he never played for Manchester United.) The play of Mikel Arteta and Tim Cahill immediately attracted me to the club, and the more I learned about the team, the more I found myself falling in love with them. Some of my favorite current Evertonians include Kevin Mirallas, Phil Jagielka, and Leighton Baines. I'm feeling really optimistic about this season, and look forward to enjoying it with everyone.


I'm Ross, currently a student at the University of St Andrews and an Evertonian since before I can remember. I'm also one of RBM's new contributors. How do you do?

My first Everton game was a dour 0-0 draw with Blackburn Rovers in September 1998. It was my sixth birthday and to date, it remains the worst match I've ever been to. Thankfully the Blues have picked up a bit since those dark days under Walter Smith, and I've been lucky enough to attend some fantastic occasions at Goodison since - Big Dunc's final game, the 3-3 against United and the 1-0 win over City in 2012 all spring to mind.

It's great to be part of this excellent fan community, and hopefully you'll enjoy my writing for the site going forward. The new season can't come soon enough, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to following the Toffees through the start of a new era under Roberto Martinez, as I'm sure you all are too. COYB.


Big Nev. It's all his fault. An old school friend of mine was Welsh and a goalkeeper which meant that there was only one choice when we were starting to follow the beautiful game. Little did I know that would lead to decades of emotinal highs and lows. My most memorable time at Goodison was THAT goal against Arsenal. The low? A 2-3 derby defeat with McAllister scoring from miles out. The decisions you make when you're a kid!

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