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Introducing the Royal Blue Mailbag

Each week Zach will take your questions about Everton, the EPL and the world of soccer. If you've got questions, he'll have answers.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings RBM readers!

I'd like to introduce a new feature on the site that will be a weekly, reader driven event here on Royal Blue Mersey. It's called the Royal Blue Mailbag -- fancy, I know -- and it will be a chance for you to have your questions about Everton, the EPL or anything from the world of soccer answered by the SB Nation Soccer and RBM's very own Zach Woosley...or The Ginge is you like that name better.

In order to make this column successful I'm going to need your help because without questions, I'm going to have to post a story with 150 words sad words about how you didn't send me questions.

Nobody wants that.

Besides, this is your site for Everton coverage and the more you visit and interact with us, the faster we can grow this community. Community is we're sick and tired of the likes of Cartilage Free Captain and We Ain't Got No History doing traffic victory laps around us.

Completely unacceptable.

So I'm asking you loyal readers to help me out and send in your questions every week for the Royal Blue Mailbag. You can ask about Everton tactics, transfer rumors or player news. You can ask about the EPL, La Liga, MLS, basically whatever you'd like answered.

It's your mailbag, so feel free to utilize however you see fit. The mailbag post will be released every Wednesday but I'm hoping to have a pre-season edition out this coming Monday. So get your questions in now!

Here's how!

Tweet your questions to the @rbmersey or @GingeFC with the hashtag #rbmailbag


E-mail your questions to gingesoccer [at] gmail dot com

It's as easy at that. I'll collect the questions each week and answer as many as I can. If your question isn't time sensitive I may hold on to it for another edition of the mailbag so if I don't answer right away, don't lose hope.

I look forward to answering your inquiries all season and more importantly, interacting with and growing the Royal Blue Mersey community.