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Manchester United reportedly negotiating with Everton for Marouane Fellaini

It took long enough for this to start up again but the seemingly inevitable moment has arrived as the Guardian reports David Moyes is trying to lure the Fro away from Goodison.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Guardian is reporting that David Moyes and Manchester United have opened negotiations with Everton over the potential transfer of Belgian international midfielder Marouane Fellani. It's not entirely unexpected really, we all know this was probably coming, and there's nothing we can but wait and see what happens.

With Barcelona's Cesc Fábregas looking more and more out of reach for United, Moyes has apparently decided to go after a player he of course knows well. Moyes brought Fellaini to Everton in 2008 from Standard Liege for £15m -- Everton once bought a player for £15m?! -- and he quickly established himself as a force in the middle of the Everton midfield.

Fellaini's contract apparently has a £23.5m buyout clause that expires on August 15th so that would account for the sudden interest in the midfielder. After that date, the price of getting Fellaini away from Everton would probably rise significantly, especially if there is interest from other clubs.

Moyes needs both midfield reinforcements and a splashy signing and one think Fellani would fit the bill.

So what do you think Evertonians. Is £23.5m an amount you'd be happy with for The Fro? Do you feel like if Kenwright allowed Roberto Martinez to reinvest the money that it would allow him to further strengthen the side?

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