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Friday Toffeelinks: Fellaini and Cardiff

Everton faces another bid from Manchester United, Fellaini allegedly asks to leave, and more.

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Alex Livesey

The silly season is almost over my friends...

Everton reject £36m bid from Manchester United for Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini - The Telegraph

I think we all expected another bid to come, but Roberto Martinez has shot it down. Things do get a little more complicated perhaps though, because...

Fellaini tells Martinez he wants to leave as United up bid to £36m for star and Baines - Daily Mail

This seems similar to the story that we heard yesterday regarding Leighton Baines' desire to be sold as well. I believe both he and Marouane Fellaini would probably like to join United, but how much they are actually pressing for it is still really unclear, so take this with some skepticism.

Everton manager Roberto Martínez demands changes to transfer window as Manchester United eye midfield duo - The Telegraph

Roberto Martinez is probably right about this, but I feel that it is as likely as the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules actually making a level playing field. We can dream though, right?

UPDATE: Perhaps I was wrong? -

Transfer system is robbery, says Platini - Yahoo! Sports

Distin: Ross Is Proof Of Quality -

Everybody loves Ross Barkley.

Matchpack: Cardiff City v Everton - Yahoo! Sports UK

Can this be the week we pick up our first league win? I sure hope so.

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