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Thursday ToffeeLinks: Ugly Games Edition

Paul Thomas

It is Thursday, the second greatest of all work days. A happy one to all of you, and for the moment I ask that you indulge me. See today is the start of college football season. It has been a long offseason and I'd like to take a moment to celebrate. It really is the closest thing to soccer in terms of passion so it should be mentioned at a time like this.

Now enjoy the rest of your day and here are some links to get you by.

Fellaini Rescues Everton Against Stevenage - Guardian

Presented without comment, it is to early to be drinking.

Baines Hands In Transfer Request - Independent

I personally think it is complete bunk, but here is all the information so you can refute it when your Liverpool "friends" come to chat.

Martinez Denies Baines Requests Move - Guardian

Just to add to things, here is Martinez denying Baines has requested a move. Got to love the silly season kids.

Everton and Aston Villa in for Ince - Express

It certainly couldn't hurt to bring him in, but I question if he has the creativity we need to be successful.

Donovan Signs with Galaxy - ESPN

We may see Donovan back at Goodison, but it will only be on loan. This contract all but ensures he will be staying in MLS for the rest of his career.