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What It Means To Be An Evertonian In The United States

“Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same.” - Alan Ball

Alex Livesey

Every year media outlets put out a "Which Premier League Team Should You Follow" post with fancy infographics and club stereotypes.

As a soccer fan these posts have begun to infuriate me. It takes something that means so much to me and dumbs it down to a flow chart filled with tired jokes.

These charts are aerodynamic and easy on the eyes, so they generate clicks and pageviews, which is all that matters to the powers that be.

The reason I feel so strongly about these dumb charts is that my club found me, just as it did with most of you. Everton found me when a coach of mine was waxing about Duncan Ferguson more than a decade ago. He told us stories about Big Dunc's temper and his Everton obsession.

It stuck with me. I did some research and began to follow Everton as they struggled to keep relevant.

Now, however many years later, I am just as deeply in love with the Toffees than I was when I started. Wavering isn't an option as an Evertonian, especially for ones who are an ocean away.

Once Everton grabs you, it doesn't let go.

In the USA, I've had less than a dozen encounters with fellow Evertonians. I'm not complaining about that, because each one of these moments were brilliant.

The latest was at a pub in Bridgeport, CT where I met a guy wearing an Everton training top. I immediately walked over to him and we talked about how much of a d--k David Moyes is being right now.

For an hour we talked about the 3-4-3, Joel Robles' impact, and how much of a boss Seamus Coleman is.

Now, if I was one of the millions of Manchester United/Chelsea/Arsenal supporters that live over here, this encounter would have probably been brief and neither one of us would take much away from it.

That is because Manchester United fans can find other Man U fans anywhere, but Everton is a different story.

Other football fans here always ask me why I love Everton. I always try to explain as best I can, but the long and short of it is that I love Everton because of the ecstasy I get when I can talk to fellow Blues.

They always ask, "Why not support a winner, like Arsenal or Liverpool?"

I'm not interested in collecting silverware for the sake of it. I'm interested in being a part of a journey. I am here to experience the lowest lows, so I can appreciate the highest highs.

There aren't that many of us here in the USA (though the club is growing over here), but the ones that are on board now are here for the right reasons. We're here because the Everton Way is the right way -- and we can see that from all the way over here.

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