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Everton v. West Brom: Live GameThread

Everton host West Brom as Roberto Martinez looks for his first win in his first home match.

Jamie McDonald

The first match of the season teaches us many things. But the second match is arguably more important. We find out if we can be consistent and if we can learn from our mistakes.

There are many questions going into today's match. The first of which is: where do the goals come from? This is a question both West Brom and Everton should be asking since highly skilled strikers are not abundant for us.

Luckily, last match we created many chances and even scored a couple of goals. Will this last? I think it will. As long as we keep creating chances and spend more time in the opposition's third. But there were flashbacks of years past where we dominated matches yet couldn't find goals. Today will give us a good peak into our future with Martinez.

Can Ross Barkley follow up his impressive match last week with another one today? I have been singing his praises for quite a while now and got shut up every time. Barkley has finally shined, and I'm excited to see if he can continue it today. We may finally have a complete game changer.

Get ready as Goodison will be rocking today in Roberto Martinez's first home match. It will be a special one.

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