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Neville Southall: "David Moyes has no respect for Everton"

Ex-Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall has slammed former boss David Moyes over his attempts to sign Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini.

Mike Hewitt

The offer – described as "derisory and insulting" by the club - didn't just show that Moyes wanted to cut all good will ties he had at Everton and the fans, but contradicts what he said about the duo when he was Everton boss.

When Everton manager Moyes, who brought both players to Goodison, said Baines is "the best left back in English football when he is in form" and raved about Fellaini, saying "he can be one of the best signings I've made, if he keeps his head".

However, it appears Mr Moyes has put all this out of his mind when he prepared that ridiculous offer that was lodged, don't forget, just two days before the new season began.

When asked about the saga, Southall felt Moyes had shown "despicable behaviour" towards the club and its players. He also went on to say:

"The joint bid stinks. The way Moyes went about the bid stinks. The entire world knows that Fellaini and Baines are worthy of a lot more than £28 million offered and Moyes is disrespecting Everton.

"It's despicable behaviour towards Everton and disrespectful towards the fans".

Southall's best comment of this week was:

"The bottom line is Moyes won nothing at Everton. The respect the Everton fans showed towards Moyes when he announced we would be leaving was outstanding for a man that in reality has done little in terms of silverware.

"For him to then throw it back in their faces is the biggest insult he could have made, the fans deserve so much better, they have that in Martinez"

Speaking of Roberto Martinez, he also had things to say about the offer and happily stood his ground:

"I'm angry, disappointed and hurt by the offer. The way it is you are going to get clubs offering bids when a club needs the money, sometimes you can sell players at their value. But at Everton, believe me, we don't need to sell and we don't want to sell, so that makes things very easy".

It is unbelievably refreshing to hear our manager say that we no longer need to sell players to stay financially stable. We seem to have held onto cash in preparation of numerous bids coming in for our prized assets, something Moyes failed to do on numerous occasions, though the bumper new TV deal has helped in that regard.

It is also nice to hear a club legend like Southall say it as it is, echoing the thoughts of the supporters, who are desperately disappointed with the way Moyes has handled this situation.