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Wednesday ToffeeLinks: Transfers For Everyone

Jamie McDonald

Happy Hump Day everyone. The important thing is that we are 72 hours away from another football match. This time it will be Roberto Martinez's home opener, always a special occasion. Hopefully we can replicate last year's season where I think we only lost 2 games at home, I can't quite remember. All I remember is that home games normally mean happy drunks, not sad ones.

Anyways, it is time for the news

Lifelong Evertonian Appears in Barclay's Video - BBC

I would pay a lot of money to be able to watch Everton in person for nearly 70 years. If you haven't seen the video it gives you those feelings you try to repress because of all the dust in the room.

Matt Smith Talks Everton Rejection - BBC

Apparently this guy used to play for Everton, but he wasn't any good and decided to play the inferior sport of rugby. I guess the Challenge Cup is also a big deal, like the FA Cup maybe but less prestigious. I really don't know because as any true American knows sports like rugby should involve hitting each other with pads and helmets on.

Everton Monitors City Defender - Liverpool Echo

Everton would apparently make a move for Hannover defender Sebastien Pocognoli or Manchester City defender Aleksandr Kolarov. Always have a plan B, and sometimes you even need a plan C

Transfer Request Required for Fellaini and Baines - The Guardian

If this is true, it is a good thing to see. I'm guessing Baines won't rock the boat to leave. Fellaini might, but I'd put more money on his father doing something stupid.

Membership Has Its Privileges - NBC Sports

Joe Posnanski has been writing more and more about the EPL for NBC Sports, and this gem is the classic how and why of picking a side. Thankfully it doesn't go with the hipster approach of picking Spurs because they are good but not that good.