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Latest EPL shirt sponsor deals details show Everton in the middle of the pack

At £4 million/year, Everton's shirt sponsorship deal with Chang ranks 11th out of 20 teams.

Tony Marshall

The latest values for all the Premier League shirt sponsorship deals reveal what we really already knew...Everton don't make that much. Not that it's much consolation but It could be worse with nine teams earning less per season than the Toffees.

Here's the full list before we spend anymore time complaining about Bill Kenwright and the board.

Club 13/14 Sponsor Value/Year Change from 12/13
Arsenal Fly Emirates £30m +£24.5m
Manchester United Aon £20m --
Liverpool Standard Chartered £20m --
Manchester City Ethiad £20m --
Tottenham HP (£13m) / AIA (£6m) £19m +£9m
Chelsea Samsung £18m +£4.2
Newcastle Wonga £6m -£4m
Aston Villa £5m -£3m
Fulham Marathonbet £5m +£800k
Sunderland Bidvest £5m -£15m
Everton Chang £4m --
Stoke Bet365 £3m +£1.7m
West Ham alpari £3m +£1.7m
Swansea GWFX £2m +£900k
West Brom Zoopla £1.5m --
Norwich Aviva £1m --
Southampton aap3 £1m --
Hull Cash Converters £1m --
Crystal Palace GAC £750k --
Cardiff Malaysia £500k --

Everton are in the final year of their deal with Chang after signing an extension back in late 2010. The total value of the deal was £12 million, at £4 million per season. It's not bad money but with clubs like Sunderland, Newcastle, Fulham and Aston Villa earning more per year than Everton, anything less than a £1m/year bump with a new deal really wouldn't be acceptable in my eyes.

What are your thoughts on the current deal and what should the team's expectations be for an extension with Chang or a new deal?