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Tuesday ToffeeLinks: Insults, Derision, and Anger

Tony Marshall

I'll be honest folks, Saturday sucked. Not necessarily because of the result, but because it happened the same stinking way every one of our draws occurred last year. Brilliant play, crap goals. If it doesn't get sorted out soon then

Club Rejects Bid For Two Players - Everton FC

You know it is bad when our communications department actually stops eating fish and chips and actually issue a statement. We all know Moyes bid for Baines and Fellaini for an absurd some. I'm surprised this press release didn't invoke some silly metaphor.

Gareth Barry to Replace Fellaini - The Express

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope,nope, Hell no.

Moyes Set To Step Up Pursuit Of Everton Duo - The Daily Mail

I'm sure this is going to make everyone extremely happy. 45 million quid or get out of here Moyes, don't pull a Mancini.

A Reminder To David Moyes - Liverpool Echo

Just take your medicine and pony up Moyes. No one would be upset if you came in and put a proper bid in, even a slightly undervalued bid would be ok.

Ross Barkley Stars in Season Opener - The Daily Mail

I'm pretty sure this article has more pictures than words, but the graphic about the second goal is pretty impressive.

Behind the Scenes of NBC Sports - SB Nation Soccer

NBC Sports got off to a fantastic start this weekend, and SB Nation got a chance to cover it.