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Clint Dempsey to Join Everton?


Reports began surfacing yesterday that current Spurs player Clint Dempsey could be heading to Everton in a move that would apparently come out of thin air. The American international was seen leaving London and arriving in San Francisco where he apparently caught a connecting flight to another city. Everton is now in Los Angeles to play Real Madrid in the second match of the International Champions Cup. The other potential destination is Seattle with MLS outfit Seattle Sounders.

Dempsey arrived at Spurs last year on a 6 million pound deadline day move. He has struggled to fit into a side with a surplus of midfielders, and the emergence of Gareth Bale has compounded the problem.

For the right price Dempsey would be a perfect fit at Everton. He is a fantastic player in the air, and while Marouane Fellaini did well in the attacking midfield role, Dempsey is much more of a creative player and would be able to unlock defenses, something Everton has been missing or several years now. One of Everton's biggest problems is scoring when trying to attack a defense that parks the bus. His aerial prowess will also be an asset with Leighton Baines slinging in crosses. Imagine situations where both Fellaini and Dempsey are in the box looking to get their head on a ball. It is something no club in the league would be able to deal with.