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Everton reject £28million offer for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines

Manchester United manager David Moyes has his £28 million pound swoop for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines rejected by his former club.

Jamie McDonald

It has emerged that David Moyes made a second official bid for Leighton Baines late last week. This time ,however, he has asked also for the services of the Belgian Marouane Fellaini in his cheeky offer of £28million.

This price would rise to as much as £32million should either make the move and make an impact at United. However, given Fellaini was brought for £15million five years ago and had a £23.5million release clause in his contract until a few days ago, it is a laughable and insulting offer from the Scot.

Everton have understandably rejected the offer out of hand and reacted with anger at what they see is a deliberate attempt to unsettle the pair.

United clearly hope that one or both players will hand in a transfer request, thereby smoothing the path from Goodison Park to Old Trafford.

The news has left many Evertonians seething at their former manager, especially given the stance he took when Manchester City followed a similar approach in their attempts to sign Joleon Lescott four years ago.

Back then Moyes said:

"Real Madrid gave Manchester United the opportunity to spend the [Ronaldo] money or do what they want with the finances. That has not been the way this has gone about.

"We had the first offer of £15m four weeks ago – the day before we played Rochdale [17 July]. The second bid was on 29 July. The business was very late coming and not at the price.

"What did they pay for Gareth Barry? £12m. And how long did he have left on his contract? Twelve months. How many months has Joleon Lescott got left on his deal? Thirty-six months.

"We have got a player who we really value and we want to keep. The last thing we need is bids coming in with 2 to 3 weeks left in the transfer window."

On one hand Moyes is simply being ruthless and reminding Everton of their place in the footballing food chain. He is no longer Everton’s manager, owes them nothing and is simply trying to get the best deal for his present club.

One the other it can be argued, certainly with respect to his Lescott comments, that he has lost respect for his former club and value for his former players.

He seems happy to break any bridges that existed with Everton, something I'm sure the Toffees fans won't forget quickly.