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Thursday ToffeeLinks

Alex Livesey

48 hours friends, just 48 hours left until Everton gets started with the season. I was all excited as I checked everything out last night. I have 4 monitors between 2 computers, plus my tv and phone for all the soccer I could need. Then AT&T decided to rain on my parade.

For those of you in the US, NBC has the EPL rights, and with certain cable carriers, including Uverse, they were offering free extra channels to watch the games that wouldn't be broadcast on NBC. Of course Uvese decided to put these channels in their HD package with few people get. Sneaky little bastards are going to cost me $7 a month if I want to watch Everton on tv rather than streaming it on the internet.

But enough about my rant, now it is news time.

Kone Not Guaranteed A Spot - Mirror

Let's be honest, Kone has done as much to deserve a start as Phil Neville did last spring. If Martinez starts him on Saturday we should do a quick swap for Moyes. No one will notice right?

Spanish Youngster Needs Time - Liverpool Echo

Martinez already had an apparent argument with the kid during a game. Hopefully it isn't a sign of Drenthe pt. 2 because the kid can be something special.

What Is Success For Martinez - Mirror

Fantastic definition of what this season would be a success. Top 7and a deep cup run or two is the bare minimum we should expect when defining the season.

Everton Season Preview - The Guardian

The Guardian put together a nice little season preview. If these guys aren't on your morning read then you you should add them, after you check in here of course.

Everton Continue Chase for Belgian -Daily Mail

This is a move I'd really like to see happen. We definitely have an older defense and bringing in some young talent to complement Duffy and Stones would be great.

Find your MLS Club - SB Nation

SB Nation has put together a game to pick your MLS club. You have been warned.

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