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School of Science: Welcome

Christian Hofer

Welcome to the first edition of School of Science, this is our season preview packaged together in a fantastic 24 hours of all things Everton. The big idea behind School of Science is to get our season preview out to you in one day rather than across a span of weeks. To do that we are releasing 1 article every hour throughout the entire day. The idea comes from the Pittsburgh Steelers SB Nation site Behind the Steel Curtain where they drop their entire season preview in one day of awesome.

In these articles we are going to cover everything about the upcoming season. We are going to look at each position on the pitch as we talk about what to expect. We are going to dive into the schedule to show you where the critical stretches of matches are. With Roberto Martinez coming in there are bound to be plenty of tactical changes and we have you covered there as well.

Just for your amusement we are even going to make some predictions on the season. At the end of the season we will be able to laugh at how silly we were. Oh and those questions we asked for on Twitter and here at RBM last week, we've got answers as well.

Finally, we've got you covered on the academy as well as who Martinez may be looking to bring into the squad ahead of the transfer deadline at the end of the month. By the way, did I also mention we have the inaugural episode of our revamped podcast coming out as well?

Sit back and enjoy the day, there are 5 days left till Everton opens the EPL season at Norwich, and enjoy this one getting prepared with all the news and information you could ever want. Below are links to our Twitter account and Facebook page along with the accounts for every writer on the site. Make sure you also join Royal Blue Mersey by signing up through the link below. We want everyone to join in on the conversation we plan to have about Everton in the coming months. It is free and we promise we don't bite.

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