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Neville Southall compares Joey Barton to Forrest Gump

The legendary Everton goalkeeper gives his honest and hilarious opinion about the prospect of Joey Barton playing for the Toffees.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

You can always count of Neville Southall to give you an honest and earnest opinion when it comes to news surrounding Everton. His ability to speak the mind of the average fan and say things that a lot of are thinking, has made him extremely popular amongst Evertonians, beyond the fact he was a great player during his time with the club.

In recent days there's been a lot of news surrounding the possibility of Joey Barton joining the Toffees. Barton apparently made a "come and get me" type shout to Roberto Martinez, offering to take a massive wage reduction in order to join the club.

This is a horrible idea. Joey Barton is a cancer, a distraction, a walking red card waiting to derail a positive performance in the blink of an eye. I don't want him anywhere near Everton and fortunately, it doesn't appear to be something that's likely to happen.

Southall agrees and had this to say about the idea of Barton joining the Blues:

"What is he going to add to Everton? He might be a half-decent player at times but, if he was that good, Harry Redknapp would be begging him to stay at QPR."

"I don't see how he will fit into Everton's style of play. He ain't the best passer in the world. Yes he is fit and runs up and down all day but Forrest Gump did that as well didn't he?"

"I would rather he (Martinez) got in a young lad who is probably on less money and a better prospect in the long run so they have got until January to bed him in and see what he is like."

"A 30-year-old at Everton? I was hoping they were past that, unless he was a current international."

You have to lost the truth and honesty in those statements...along with the hilarity of hearing Southall call Barton Forrest Gump.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Life is like a box of red cards, you always know which one Joey Barton is gonna get.

I'll stop now.

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