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Arsenal planning to trigger Marouane Fellaini's release clause?

Reports are flying that Arsenal are set to make a surprise bid for Fellaini, while some outlets are claiming the bid has already been made.

Michael Regan

On the heels of reports yesterday from Belgium that Chelsea or Manchester United were considering a bid for Marouane Fellaini, it appears that now Arsenal are throwing their hat in the ring.

Several reports/rumors have started coming out over the past hours that claim Arsenal have, or are about to, trigger Fellaini's release clause which is reportedly in the vicinity of £22 million.

The move makes sense as Arsenal could certainly use a midfielder of Fellaini's physicality and style of play and all reports are that Arsenal are flush with cash for Arsene Wenger to use to bolster his side. For now this this is all just speculation and part of the "fun" of the oh so silly season in football. Just for the sake of historical reference, Arsenal's biggest buy ever was £15m for Andrei Arshavin...and that worked out so well for them.

So Evertonians, how do you feel about all the news swirling around Fellaini? His departure seems inevitable at this point and it appears he's likely to stay in the Premier League. Any preference on where he ends up if you had to pick between United, Chelsea or Arsenal?

Perhaps you don't care as long as good 'ol Bill does as promised and hands any money made off the selling of players to new boss Roberto Martinez for reinvestment.