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Roberto Martinez- "I will get Everton into the Champions League"

After the appointment of Roberto Martinez earlier today, Bill Kenwright and Martinez faced the press this afternoon at Goodison Park.

Paul Thomas

Before the press fired questions at Roberto Martinez, Bill Kenwright stated, " It was 4 weeks ago today that David Moyes told me he wanted to become Manchester United manager" he continued, "Since then it's been an exhausting journey, I have met some of the finest managers in football, the finest of them is sitting next to me (Roberto Martinez)" Bill added "It is with relief and joy that Roberto has accepted to take the job" Bill then mentioned the fans part in the decision, in making Martinez the next Everton manager, stating "The fans have played an important part in the appointment of our new manager, your voices have come over loud and clear, to all the Evertonians out there If you were in these meetings I had with Roberto you would be as thrilled and excited, as bouyed and in awe as I have been"

Roberto started by saying "It's been a really special day, I have the feeling of excitement and honour as this is a Phenominal and passionate football club"

After Roberto was asked by a reporter why he chose Everton he replied " It was simple, It came in a natural way. It's been four years and I decided this was the right time and after meeting the chairman I decided this was the right club"

Roberto on David Moyes " He has set me with huge pressure, I'm extremely proud I've been given the chance to deal with that. Moyes gave Everton an identity and I want to take this magnificent club to the next level"

Roberto continued "I hope I can make a real strong unit with the fans, the board, the chairman, the players and my staff, I'm excited for everyone to become a winning unit. The only club I felt I could fit in was Everton and seeing and hearing the passion the chairman had, he made me want to know more"

Kenwright then said "When David (Moyes) first came to see me, we were in a bad state and the first thing he said to me was 'You won't go down', with Roberto it was different, his first words were almost 'I will get you into the Champions league', I'm not going to say it was like David Moyes, he got me in 30 second, Roberto got me in 45!" Bill continued "All I will tell you is when you know, you just know. The people I have interviewed Including the three lads from this club, Stubbsy, Weir and Neville, shared my passion for this club and I know 50,000 Evertonians would have turned around and said him (Martinez). "

Possible one of the biggest lines Bill Kenwright said was, "I'll give him (Martinez) a few quid to get a few players" he added, "We don't want players to go, we want them to stay and they want to stay, not one has even half indicated a change in manager means a change for them" furthermore Kenwright said, "The players and squad we have now plus Roberto's signings can move us forward."

Roberto finished by saying, " The chairman hasn't put any pressure on me he just wants to get in the Champions League!" He then said " The fans here are brilliant and we are committed to making sure the fans are the main part of this football club and we want them to be ready to push us forward"

Roberto will take his Everton team to face sides in the United States of America in pre-season followed by a return to home soil against the likes of Blackburn Rovers.