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Roberto Martinez begins work Monday with plenty already on his plate

The new Everton manager arrives on the job Monday facing the task of either convincing Leighton Baines to stay, or getting proper value from Manchester United, but that's just the start.

Paul Thomas

Hopefully Roberto Martinez has enjoyed his work vacation in America doing studio analysis for ESPN's coverage of the Confederations Cup in Brazil, because it's time to get to work. With the turning of the calendar on Monday to July, the new Everton boss will arrive back in England and begin his time in charge of the Toffees.

Bill Kenwright is certainly excited about Martinez's arrival, spouting off all sorts of ridiculous over-joyous drivel to the Liverpool Echo.

"He's in love. He's in love with Everton."

It's typical chairman-speak but the real truths about how Roberto Martinez feels about Everton will be seen over the coming season. There's no doubt he'll be glad to be here, earning a promotion after Wigan Athletic were relegated last season, so hopefully he'll be ready to hit the ground running.

Evertonians can clamor for trophies or a place in Europe but the true test for Martinez will be how he handles the summer transfer window and the start of the season. He cannot afford to not strength the roster this summer and he can't afford a bad start either.

Whether it's fair or not, he'll be under tremendous pressure to win early to help bolster the support of the fan base. Of course, that might not matter if fans feel like he "botched" the offseason.

It appears more and more likely that Leighton Baines will be lured away to Manchester United but if the left back wants to remain at Goodison, it's vitally important that Martinez get that sorted quickly and get a new contract in place for the English international.

There's also the matter of what to do with Marouane Fellaini who will also be a target over the next month. Losing Fellaini would be a blow, but not as big a blow to Everton as the potential loss of Baines. Fellaini's exit should bring in a large transfer fee that would give Martinez some ability to sign the players he feels the club needs to both improve and play the style of football he's looking to execute.

Martinez will have a decision to make about what his tactical approach and style will be with the Toffees. He regularly used a 3-5-2 formation with Wigan last season. With rumors swirling that two of his key assistants from Wigan will be joining his coaching staff, there's a real possibility we could see a major tactical shift in how Everton lines up and plays.

No doubt Martinez has already been thinking about the moves he'll want to make and hopefully there will be enough funds available -- or Fellaini and/or Baines are moved along quickly -- to ensure both time to buy players and time for them to settle with the club during the off-season trip to America.

It's going to be a busy July and August for Martinez but I for one am excited to see what he does. As great as David Moyes was for Everton, it's time to look forward and embrace a new boss and hopefully a new style and attitude around the club.

What moves would you like to see Martinez make?