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New 2013-2014 Home Everton Kit Revealed, Sadly Mediocre

Everton revealed the new Everton Home Kit and it joins the new badge as a mediocre (or even awful) change. The goalkeeper kit, on the other hand, is just plain awesome.

This is somehow BK's fault
This is somehow BK's fault
Paul Thomas

You can check out the new kit at the Everton site here.

Nike designed the kit and they go on sale from July 24. They have used their famous Dri-Fit technology to keep sweat away from the body and not bother the players. The new kit is also extremely light at just 150 grams (23% lighter than the previous kit). The kit is also made from recycled polyester in order to minimize environmental impact.

It's obvious that for the kit, Nike tried to maintain the minimalist change of the badge but at the same time wanted to go a bit "retro".

I am a usually a big fan of retro, but for some reason this kit just doesn't work. The main change you an see are the "white hoops" that they have added to the sleeves. But this seems to be the ugliest part of the kit. The long sleeved version actually looks much better. It gives a greater retro look but seems more put together. The short sleeved one just seems awful.

You can see the goalkeeper kit as well, which was revealed at the same time, and it is just plain awesome. Maybe Tim Howard just wears it well, but the kit looks intimidating and the purple sleeve is the perfect touch to the all black kit.

What do you think of the new kit?