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Everton claim there have been no bids for Marouane Fellani

It appears that for the moment all the transfer news surrounding Fellaini are just rumors and speculation.

Clive Mason

Despite a multitude of rumors linking Marouane Fellaini to several clubs, including Arsenal and Manchester United, there have apparently been no official bids yet for the Belgian midfielder.

Bill Kenwright and Roberto Martinez have both gone on record saying they expect the 25-year-old to stick around Goodison for the next season, but they are aware that the £24 million release clause in his contract is bound to lead to interest.

Martinez's has been asked repeatedly about Fellaini -- as you might expect -- and has made it clear that the speculation surrounding his star isn't an issue.

Except it is, he's just being a professional and dancing around the subject. In all likelihood Everton fully expect a suitor to come calling for Fellaini and if it's going to happen, the sooner the better to allow for a deal to be completed, giving Martinez plenty of time to reinvest the money...or so we hope.

With good 'ol Bill lurking you never know what might happen to transfer funds. For all we know he could just give them to Robert Elstone so he can find another project to thoroughly screw up.