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Everton's Top 5 Games of the Season

We rank the top 5 games of Everton's 2012-2013 campaign. Vote for what you think was the game of the season.

Paul Thomas

As part of our ongoing season review, we are taking a look at some top 5 lists. The first one in this series is the top 5 games from the 2012-2013 season. While results were prioritized, we also ranked based on the importance of the moment. Below you'll find our take on the best games of the season. Leave your thoughts in the comments and make sure to vote for your favorite game of the season.

5. Everton 2 - Newcastle 1

After a disappointing loss to Chelsea, Everton started the New Year with a bang against Newcastle. Though the Tyneside team had been poor through the first half of the season, they were still a threat to an Everton side that had a propensity for allowing late goals. This one will be best remembered for a beautiful Leighton Baines strike that swerved and dipped past a helpless Newcastle defense. Victor Anichebe got the game winner

4. Everton 2 - Tottenham 1

On pure adrenaline and emotion this would be the best game of the season. Everton conceded to a dominant Spurs side, and never managed to put things together for almost 90 minutes. Then Everton put it together and blindsided the hitherto dominant Spurs. First Pienaar took advantage of some defensive lapses to tie the match and send the stands into celebration. Then minutes later Jelavic somehow managed to get on the end of a bouncing ball in the box to grab all 3 points.

3. Everton 2 - Manchester City 0

There is something special about playing Manchester City. Due to the now deposed Mancini, Evertonians have hated Manchester City over the past several seasons, and the many victories have been glorious. This one was no exception, and a home victory was in the cards once again. Leon Osman got things started, and Mr. Jelavic got another one to seal the victory. It was a dominant display by Everton, and once again exposed the tactical weaknesses of Mancini that would result in his sacking at the end of the season.

2. Everton 1 - Manchester United 0

It was the biggest of stages, and Everton was always going to show up for this one. A Monday night season opener at home against Manchester United was always going to draw headlines, but this time it was because of Everton's work rather than a brilliant display by the eventual champions. It was never a free flowing game, but Everton showed off their physicality and Marouane Fellaini played a beautiful game in the attacking midfield position. His goal was classic Fellaini, and it made Evertonians forget about the departure of Tim Cahill during the summer.

1. Everton 2 - West Ham 0

It wasn't the biggest score, nor did it come against the strongest of opposition, but Everton's final home game was everything Everton has been under David Moyes. With news of David Moyes' departure breaking during the week, it was the rare opportunity for the fans to say goodbye. Kevin Mirallas opened the scoring early with a sublime finish, and got a second off an unusual deflection in the second half. But the real star of this game was the fans. Early in the second half they started singing, and they were there till the end. Goodison Park shook as odes to Phil Neville, Tim Cahill, and everyone in between were sung. Finally it was time to say goodbye, and it was a day none will forget.